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50 Cent's "Power" Back On Starz

We guess all you Power crazy fans will have to keep that Starz subscription because according to 50 Cent, the network just cut him a huge check.

Rumors have surfaced this week that the show might be moving to BET because Starz didn’t want to pay all of the expenses. 50 cent has complained earlier this year when writers were forced to cut storylines after Starz refused to give the show two extra episodes. He also blamed the leaked episodes on the cable network, saying that it was trying to push the show out.

But things sure did turn around quickly because on August 30 the rapper/producer tweeted:

“I just got off with Chris Albrecht, head of STARZ. New Deal More POWER coming your way, next season there will be less of a Wait. Thanks for supporting me, I can't believe how much money they just gave me. That shit just fucked with my nerves my hand is shaking. LOL TURN THAT SHIT BACK ON NOW "

Guess you won't have to cancel your subscription anymore POWER IS BACK ON STARZ!!!

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