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Stuck between The Rock and a Hard Place: Tyrese Gibson reveals legal troubles and why he’s so angry

Tyrese is going through some things; from his feud with the Rock to his legal battles with his ex-wife over his daughter.

Tyrese Gibson is known for his ‘inspirational’ rants on Instagram and trying to be a voice of reason for the people. So, in true Tyrese fashion, he took to Instagram to express how he felt about Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson getting his own spinoff from the Fast and Furious franchise; which will in turn delay the 9th installment of the franchise. It was in a post about his feelings towards The Rock that he revealed the issues he is experiencing with his daughter’s mother, their legal battles, and making him virtually unemployable. Gibson then talks about how selfish it is for The Rock to do this movie “knowing that he is drained from legal expenses”, to then follow the post with the hashtag #Shaylarocks.

Shayla is the 10 year old daughter of the singer whom he shares with his previous wife, Norma Gibson. Tyrese went on to tell TMZ that he believes she’s acting purely out of spite; accusing him of physically abusing their daughter and refusing to allow him to see her for two months. In a recent 8 minute video (see below), Tyrese breaks down in tears exclaiming, “I give you 13,000 dollars a month. What more do you want from me!” His recent outbursts have fans and friends worried that Tyrese may be having or on the verge of a mental breakdown. Gibson’s only reply to this is, “I’m not going crazy. I’m just desperate and broke”. Let’s hope that everything works out in the end for Tyrese!

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