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Alabama means so much more!

Today it seems that everywhere you turn, someone is being accused of sexual assault or misconduct in the workplace. From Bill Cosby to Russell Simmons; celebrities, politicians, and news casters are losing jobs, accreditations, and positions. Most recently, Roy Moore was accused of sexualt assault and misconduct during his campaigne for Alabama state Senate. Causing even more heightened nerves for Americans; if an accused sexual assailant can be elected for Alabama Senate, then America is surely taking a turn for the worse.

On December 14th, the state went to vote between Republican candidate (supported by 45), Roy Moore, and Democratic candidate Doug Jones. When the votes came in, Jones won by a landslide or should we say chocolate slide? Black women showed up and showed out saying no, Roy Moore will not represent my state. 98% of the Black woman’s vote went towards Democratic candidate Doug Jones, as well as 93% of the Black men’s vote. On the other hand, majority of Alabama's White population voted for Roy Moore. This is further proof that unless Black Americans show up and show out in large numbers, democratic candidates won’t stand a chance.

It’s not just the fact that black women helped swing the appropriate choice, but that if we as a people are willing to vote an accused sexual assailant into a position of power, more women will become afraid to speak up against their own predators. Bill Cosby’s shows and programs weren’t shown on any network for over a year. Russell Simmons, though cleared through a lie detector test, stepped down from his position at Def Jam following his accusations. Matt Lauer was fired from NBC News. In conclusion, the more we say no, we won’t let it slide, the better we will be as a country.

It’s good to know that when we absolutely need to, we will show up and show out!

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