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2018 Shoe Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing This Spring

Spring is officially here! Despite the awkward temperatures, and constant rain, one thing we love about a change in seasons, is the trends and styles that go with it. One of our favorite trends to look forward to during the spring are the shoes. Everything from sandals, boots, heels, and loafers are staples during this season. Here are five of the biggest shoe trends of spring 2018.

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots Cowboy boots have made a huge comeback ever since Saint Laurent came out with their western inspired boots. These bad boys are a perfect way to start of the warmer season of spring, and you can expect them to continue on during the festival months as well.

Backless Heels

Backless Heels Who doesn’t love a shoe that you can slip on? If you’ve been paying attention to shoes trends lately, you’d know that the backless heel has been a spring/summer staple over the past few years. Because of its easy slip-on style, the mule/slipper trend is one we can’t get enough of this spring.

Clear Plastic

Clear Plastic Whether it’s just a band around the ankle, or all over plastic, the clear shoe has been seen all over the runway. Designers like Chanel, Moschino, Off-White, and Alexander Wang each applied their own style and technique to the naked shoe trend. Whichever way you prefer go, there’s a clear boot out there for you.

Floral Heels

Floral Heels Nothing says spring like a flowery statement shoe. This spring, invest in some colorful floral sandals/heels to wear with those summer dresses.

Strapped Heels

Strapped Heels The strapped heel trend is another one that’s extremely versatile with many different styles. At the ankle or past the calf, strapped heels are great for any occasion, and can add that extra piece of interest to a look.


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