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Jenny From the Block Gives Back

Singer, dancer, and actress Jennifer Lopez is best known for hit songs like “I’m Real” and “Jenny From the Block” including tv shows and groundbreaking movies like “Selena” and “Enough”. Usually this beauty would be busy raising her children or touring but lately her time has been extended into the love department. J-Lo and famous baseball player Alex Rodriguez have been exercising and attending weddings hand in hand confirming their newfound relationship. Just recently, the couple have been working to raise money for the victims of Maria, a category five hurricane that crumbled the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

On September 16, 2017, Hurricane Maria took over Puerto Rico leaving the island destroyed and the islanders devastated. Because of the storm, Puerto Rico lost running water, homes, and electricity. Jennifer Lopez revealed that just like many others, she has not heard from her family in Puerto Rico since the phone lines are down. Roofs were peeled off by the strength of the winds, trees were effortlessly snapped in two, and the streets were dominated with water.

Puerto Rico's Director of Safety and Public Protection Hector Pesquera stated that“everything just collapsed at once” while explaining his shock and disbelief of the disaster that caused $99.45 billion in damages. After Ricardo Rosello, the governor of Puerto Rico, asked congress to help Puerto Rico get back on its feet, House granted the island with $36.5 billion. However, President Trump stated that the aid will not last forever. He believes that eventually Puerto Rico will have to pull their own weight when it comes to rebuilding their home, and that the groups that were there to help can’t stay for much longer. Trump also did not forget to leave out the snide comment that Texas and Florida, who also underwent a hurricane, are doing fine. Ironically, Trump won over the two states during his election so it is very clear why he is quicker to help those two states before he helps Puerto Rico, who has suffered more that the two states.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez responded to Trump’s shortcoming by initiating the Puerto Rico Federally Qualified Health Centers Disaster Recovery Fund, in addition to SOMOS Live, a concert that raised money for the people who suffered from Maria. Dj Khaled, Mary J. Blige, and ex-husband Marc Antony, were some of the chart-topping stars that performed for the benefit concert. Bruno Mars performed a Spanish rendition of“Just The Way You Are”, while Lopez danced the stage to dust in a breathtaking red suit. Moguls like Kim Kardashian and Ciara took over the phone lines which allowed people to talk to the stars and donate at the same time. In all, the benefit concert raised $35 million in addition to the $26 million couple Lopez and Rodriguez donated before the concert. Other stars like Ricky Martin who donated $2.2 million, Jennifer Aniston who donated $1 million, and Pitbull who donated his private his plane to transport cancer patients also stepped up and supported Puerto Rico. If you would like to join the fight to help the victims of Hurricane Maria, please go to

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