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Kylie Jenner Welcomes First Child

Kylie Jenner Pregnant

Kylie Jenner, the trendsetting younger sister of fashion mogul Kim Kardashian, has welcomed a baby girl into the world along with her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott. The 20 year old star left her fans on a cliffhanger after she abruptly went missing for months. During her hiatus, rumors swirled around about why she was taking a break from the spotlight. One of the most popular tales was that she was playing the role of a surrogate for Kim who was expecting a third child but didn’t want to carry it. Another was that Kris Jenner, her mother, was concerned about her privacy and forced Kylie to take a break from the attention. However, people would soon find out that only a small bit of their theories and rumors were actually true. Kylie decided to close the door on the media during this personal time but, she didn’t hesitate to leave that door cracked. On February 1st, 2018, Jenner made an announcement alongside a video on Youtube that showed the world exactly why she had been gone for so long, she was carrying her first child.

Jordyn Wood and Kylie Jenner

“To Our Daughter”, an 11 minute long video that consisted of interviews, silk pajamas, and behind the scenes footage was the answer to the prayers of Kylie Jenner fans. Friends and family, including older sisters Khloe and Kim, best friend Jordyn Woods and more, told stories about how they felt when they found out Kylie was pregnant and left some encouraging words for the new mommy. Chicago West, Kim Kardashian’s new born baby that everyone thought Kylie was carrying also made his debut appearance in the video alongside his brother and sister, Saint & North West and cousin Dream Kardashian. There was also footage of the new parents throughout, at the beach, visiting his family, and even at the ultrasound examination. If this video didn’t make Jenner’s pregnancy any more realtible, her eating habits did. At one point you could see Jenner taking a complicated order at In-N-Out Burger followed by a plate full of food including two different kinds of fries; regular fries for her and sweet potato fries for the baby. To top it off, Jenner added the audio of delivery day giving the fans insight into Kylie Jenner’s first moment of being a mother.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Of course the internet went wild when Jenner finally confirmed the pregnancy. One thing that people found so mind blowing was that Kylie’s friends and family kept her secret safe for the full nine months. The Kardashian-Jenner clan are well known as social media royalty so it comes as quite a surprise to some to see discretion come from a group of a people whose lives are often lived publicly. Although it should be noted that the youngest Jenner has, on multiple occasions, expressed her desire to not have been raised and forced into the limelight and having a “normal” experience. So now that everything has been confirmed and the baby is here, people are eager to know her name.

Stormi Webster

In a recent instagram post, Jenner posted a picture of herself holding her newborn’s hand and used “Stormi Webster” as the caption. Contrary to everyone’s belief that the baby was going to be named after a butterfly or lipstick due to the subliminals in the video, no one expected the name Stormi. Kylie has yet to address why she chose this name but, it is definitely a curveball for those who thought they had it all figured out. In all, the “To Our Daughter” was a nice blend of a documentary and a story for Kylie’s daughter to watch someday. Kylie Jenner single handedly executed her pregnancy tremendously. I can’t wait to see Kylie show off her mothering skills, hopefully we will get a new season of “Life of Kylie”; this time with Stormi as the star of the show!

Check out the full “To Our Daughter” video below!

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