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Marvel Gave Us A Chance To Shine…..But Who’s Trying To Dim Our Light?

Lately, we African Americans have been merging into the world of fictional superhero films. Not only selling them out, but also overcoming stereotypes and stepping outside of our box of “normal” characters of which we play and creating our own lane. Yes! That’s a bit of that #MelaninMagic! Disney & Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Black Panther, has already sold out every superhero film that offers advance ticket sells & has become the biggest talked about film so far in the month of February. With success like this, you’d think people would be happy. Especially, because this is the first Marvel film to focus on a Black superhero! Now, don’t get me wrong a lot of people appreciate what the film is doing for not only Black Entertainers, but for black people alike. It’s opening more doors, and that’s great! Though still y’all know the saying, haters gonna HATE! And, oh my gosh are they hating HARD. Tuh!

Have you heard of the Alt-Right, White Nationalist Facebook group and their attempted sabotage of the film? Yes? I couldn’t believe it either! Like..... why y’all mad? Well, it’s been brewing for a while so let me spill the tea and we can sip it together.

So, the atl-right group also known as “Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys”, formed a group in hopes of bringing down the film’s score on the critically recognized review site, Rotten Tomatoes. Though, there is no information about the person who started the whole thing. They started a Facebook group that currently shows 3,700 members, saying that they will be attending and 1,700 members saying they are interested. Hmm, interesting much? It’s even more bizarre, because the movie hasn’t even released yet! What’s even crazier is the fact that this isn’t the first film they have done this with. Despite, Star Wars: The Last Jedi being the best-reviewed Sci-Fi of 2017, they had received the worst audience score than any other within the franchise. Chadwick Boseman, who plays the title character, responded in a statement. Bozeman stated that "I definitely thought about it, and I think you don’t really know how big of an impact that’s going to be" but that "whatever they do online doesn’t really matter." Since finding out about the group’s intent to sabotage, Facebook has removed the Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys page. Way to go Facebook! Let’s limit the hate, so that positivity can transpire!

It seems like, regardless of how great we are and how many barriers we have been breaking, people still try to pull us apart & tear us down. What they didn’t know is that we were roots, and we will remain strong while continuing to grow! We have to make it a priority to support those who are trying to aspire to inspire greatness, while opening doors & creating new opportunities for minorities all over. It’s set to release on the 16th of this month, so make sure you go see it and support as it is said to be AMAZING!

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