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Cardi Nova? Cardi B. Lands Her Own Line With Fashion Nova

You might know her from Love & Hip Hop New York, her hit single Bodak Yellow, or for her crazy vivacious personality! From the Bronx to Hollywood, Cardi has been climbing charts, breaking records & maneuvering her way into just about everything. As if her career hasn’t already been jumping off, she is now set to design her own collection for Fashion Nova!

Fashion Nova has become the hottest brand on Instagram. All of our celeb faves have been spotted wearing them but, the same question appears, who is the CEO behind the brand that doesn’t break the bank but still makes us feel like a million bucks? Richard Saghian is the founder of Fashion Nova who claims “overpriced fashion is dead and fast fashion is the new trend!” Well, shout out to you Mr.Saghian and thanks for allowing us to feel rich without having to spend rich. OKAYYYYY!

As of lately we usually see Cardi in luxury brands from Louis Vuitton to Gucci to Givenchy to Versace but who doesn’t love Fashion Nova? Better yet, who doesn’t love a deal? The artist often times proclaims her love for the brand even going as far as to saying it’s the only product that fits her curvalicious figure. There are speculations from people not quite knowing what to expect, though the Fashion Nova team has ensured that Cardi will surely have a huge input on it. We can’t wait to see what the line looks like! Go girl, Keep up the good work & prospering Cardi! But, we definitely didn’t have to say that because we know you’re always booked & busy! #GirlBoss. There has been no information on when the line will drop but we will definitely keep you updated when we find out. Y’all know if the tea is brewing, we’re serving it up straight! So stay tuned and when we find out we’ll let you know! Xoxo.


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