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3 Tips to Help a College Fashionista Slay on a Budget

As a college student we all want to serve looks but how when 90% of us are broke. So here are three tips to help you slay on a budget!

Tip #1: THRIFT

As a college student with limited funds thrifting is probably the number one way to find dope pieces for the low. Thrifting is fun because you get the chance to find vintage pieces that only you would have. While thrifting you may even find some high-end items. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like the idea of buying someone’s’ old clothing the there are other options but, overall thrifting is a good way to save your coin and to be original.


A lot of times people sleep on the sales rack in retail stores. A lot of those racks hold some true gems for a great price! When shopping at the mall I would suggest checking out the sales rack before looking at anything else. It can either be a hit or miss. Also, another tip when trying to shop on a budget is to take out a specific amount of cash that you want to spend and leave your debit/credit card at home or in the car, this helps with overspending.


Since we are college students a lot of places offer discounts on food, clothes or other services, so take advantage! There is nothing like saving your coin. A lot of places don’t advertise that they provide student discounts but if you ask they will tell you if they do or not. Another good resource to use is an app called UNiDAYS, which shows what stores do give student discounts and they also have tons of discount codes that are exclusive to students only!

In conclusion, it doesn’t have to cost you a lot to slay! Follow these three tips and your closet will be filled with some bomb affordable pieces.

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