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Rich Homie Quan Is Back And Rich In Spirit

On March 16, 2018, Rich Homie Quan has finally released his debut album Rich as in Spirit after being away from the music scene for nearly two years . The rapper tweeted back in September of last year “they say you fall off when they don’t know your story!!! What God gave me could never fall off!!! Pay close attention #RichAsInSpirtit”. Which gave his fans a clue of his comeback in the music industry.

The Atlanta native rapper served as a huge influence over the youth who found previous tracks like “They Don’t Know” being able to directly relate to their own lives. After going through legal issues with his past record company, Rich Homie Quan is now back doing what he loves most with new record label, Motown Records.

When asked what inspired his album title Rich as in Spirit he says “It starts on the inside it has a lot to do with your confidence in you, it has nothing to do with the value of a dollar as long as you're rich in spirit you gotta be full of yourself “. Rich Homie Quan says his new album will recreate sounds and lyrics similar to the old music that made fans fall in love with him from the very beginning. After overcoming negative criticism on past music, a legal battle, and jail time I think we can all say Rich Homie Quan will be making his fans proud with his new music!

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