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Brooklyn in the Summer!

Aloe Blacc is a singer and songwriter residing from the beautiful Los Angeles, California known for his unique fusion of folk and R&B. He is Grammy nominated and known for his great hits; "The Man" and "Wake Me Up" featuring the late great Avicii.

Aloe’s songs are written for the purpose of aspiration, he wants his songs to send a positive message that anybody can take something from. On his new song, “Brooklyn In The Summer,” he sort of takes a different direction by giving us a glimpse of a breakup and passion. He explains how Brooklyn in the summer is full of energy and reminds him of a, “magical time.” In the song, he sings about how his past lover felt like Brooklyn In The Summer and though she gave him this sweet feeling, he knew he had to let her go so he could move on. With the song, he released a video of course staged in Brooklyn. The yellow feel of the video really accentuates the meaning of the song by emphasizing the happiness that will come along after he finally lets her go. The video and song is a beautiful example of what Aloe Blacc can bring to the table. Who is your “Brooklyn In The Summer?”

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