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Sway Lee + Slim Jxmmi = SR3MM

Slim Jxmmi and Sway Lee hypothetically speaking, said in the studio while making this album that the “third time’s a charm” when it comes to the dynamic duality duo. Ensuring that 3 was the magic number, SR3MM has a total of three full-length albums including the two solo albums, by Slim Jxmmi and Sway Lee called Jxmtro and Swaecation.

The third album is a 9-track collaborate effort by the two sremmlife frontrunners, featuring artist such as Future, The Weeknd, and Travis Scott. Many wanted Sway Lee to go solo for some time now, however SR3MM could have been the evidence fans needed to prove that they are actually better together. Even for the fans who wanted to get a feel for the solo Sway or Slim, this project gives you exactly that while it helps you with forming your own opinions of the two solo artist styles.

Going into the album, the first song “Up In My Cocina” is pretty basic with Sway Lee having his neighbors complain that he has too many guests. Mike Will Made It produced the trap drums beat behind Lee’s and Jxmmi’s voice and makes the vibe come to life. He did this with majority of the SR3MM tracks, with hit singles on the collaboration project such as CLOSE ft Travis Scott, Bedtime Stories ft The Weeknd, and Buckets ft Future, Rae Sremmurd has Mike Will all to thank for a perfect summer sounding banger! You can Check out the videos to “CLOSE”, “Perplexing Pegasus”, and” Powerglide” ft Juicy J also all on VEVO.

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