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Weezy F Baby and the F is for "Free"

We all know the notorious Lil’ Wayne. From songs like “Lollipop” and “Mrs. Officer,” to his features with artists such as Drake and Destiny's Child, Mr. Weezy F Baby has been changing what the “F” means for years bringing joy and great music to all his fans. Along with Lil’ Wayne's label at the time, Cash Money, he had been dropping hits back to back. That was until 2014 when Wayne had voiced his issues to Twitter as to why his next album, “Carter V” wasn't going to be released. He also tweets something that brought many questions to the situation: “ I am a prisoner and so is my creativity.” On Dec 6th, 2014, he publically tells his fans at Vices 20th anniversary party, “I’m in a F’d up situation but i’ll be out soon.” But a week later, the president of Cash Money, Mack Maine, claims that the album will be out soon (first quarter of 2015).

January 25th, 2015, Lil’ Wayne announced a $51 million lawsuit against Cash Money Records. The next month, Wayne announced that he and Birdman will no longer speak. Fast forward to April, rumors spread that Wayne is dropping the lawsuit which fans found out later, was not true. Come June, Wayne signs a streaming deal with Jay Z’s company Tidal where he was dropping his project “Free Weezy.” And a couple months later, the fire heats up when Birdman decides to throw a drink on Wayne at a Miami club. Birdman follows up with a lawsuit against Tidal after they had dropped Free Weezy, claiming that Cash Money still owned all the rights to all of Wayne's music and that streaming it on Tidal was illegal. After a year or so of Birdman and Wayne being seen with each other and seeming friendly, In March 2016 Weezy files a $40million lawsuit against Universal Music Group (Cash Moneys parent company). The lawsuit was made to reclaim the profits from the success of Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga who were signed to Young Money (which Weezy had owned directly 49% of). 2016, Wayne is now talking retirement because of his feeling of defeat. But after a long legal battle, June 7th 2018 all parties had released the lawsuit which in the end finally set Wayne free from his legal battle with Cash Money. Lil’ Wayne will be releasing Tha Carter V soon with Universal Records. This is what Hip-Hop lovers have all been waiting for and we’re so happy that along with more good music, the “F” in Weezy F Baby stands for “Finally Free.”

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