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Karma, Ain't She Pretty

Queen Naija is an upcoming R&B artist that originally started out on YouTube. She was first introduced on a joint YouTube account with Ex-Husband Christopher Sails, and the channel was called Chris and Queen. They did vlogs together that had relationship-based content, but they divorced back in 2017. After the divorce, she created another channel that was self-titled, and from there she debuted her talents and story to her viewers. Queen Naija’s music eventually received some recognition, and she signed with Capitol Records earlier this year.

Now if you followed the YouTube star, her divorce was pretty public, and there were speculations about cheating and or not putting God first in the relationship; nonetheless, they were not happy anymore. Which brings me to her new song “Karma” that recently dropped a week ago on her YouTube channel. The song talks about how she held her ex-man down even seeing past all his unappreciative acts, though he cheated and disrespected her she knows that karma always comes back around. She sums all that up in the hook “You don't got to worry about me. You made it clear that you're unhappy, yeah Go ahead and have your fun now Just remember what goes around comes around.” This single could be her finally talking about her divorce from her husband or just talking to another girl out there that has gone through the same situation. Either way “Karma” is a smooth R&B vibe that is snuggled in a comfort blanket. Though “Karma” is not available on all music platforms, you can check the single out on her Youtube Channel (Queen Naija) or her Soundcloud (Queen Najia).

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