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Lloyd's Sweet Tooth

Lloyd has a new single out called “Caramel” from his new album titled Tru LP which is expected to drop August 31, 2018. Lloyd is known for his catchy harmonic hooks, and this new single has exactly that. Lloyd took a hiatus for a couple of years and recently found his way back in the spotlight in 2016 with his Tru EP. When he dropped the EP, his fans did not know what to expect due to his album cover being a bit revealing. From the looks and sounds of it, Lloyd was starting a new chapter in his music career; by being as open and honest as possible. Now for those who may have thought he was a little too nude may be caught off guard with the new LP’s artwork. I’ll let it speak for itself, but I can say that he has a very nice guitar.

You can check out “Caramel” on all music platforms.

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