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Love You Better

Some may know Christian (King) Combs just for being one of Sean “Diddy” Combs children, but what you should really know him for is dropping the single “Love You Better” featuring Chris Brown.

This single is the true definition of a vibe and the music video officially secures that bag! This song pays extreme reverence to the 80’s song by Schoolly D, “What Does It Mean,” and is sampled from the 1996 Case song “Touch Me, Tease Me.” Not only are Combs and Brown paying homage to Schoolly D and sampling Case, but they’re also doing the same to Biggie Smalls. This video was inspired by Biggie’s song for “One More Chance". This isn’t the first song released by King Combs, but this is definitely the first song by him to take off the way it did. From having Chris Brown on the vocals, to slicing up Schoolly D’s beat, sampling Case, using Biggie for video inspiration, and even having a guest appearance by DJ Khaled in the video… King Combs knew the right direction to take to get the ball rolling. This song is giving Combs the platform to rhyme about his love for the special woman in his life and how he feels about her after she assumes he was “laid up with some other chick.” Combs says "he had her back, they complimented each other’s fly, and even had the his and hers to match…" but that didn’t stop her from leaving like her “uber just came.” If you haven’t already heard this song, definitely give it a shot! It can be found on all major streaming platforms.

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