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I admit... there's tea

“Step in the Name of Love,” a timeless classic that no matter where you’re from, everybody knows. R Kelly was the king of cookout classics and has been for years now, until recent allegations have caused his career to move backwards. For about two decades, Kelly has been in the middle of several cases of sexual abuse of minors. Kelly's most recent allegations include the rumors of him hiding several young women and controlling them by taking their phones and forcing them to follow strict rules. This sudden story brought up the hashtag #MuteRKelly which was supported by Tamara Burke, the creator of #MeToo. R Kelly did not face criminal charges and denied all these things said about him along with a statement from him and his team saying it was, “attempted public lynching of a black man who has made extraordinary contributions to our culture.” Ten of his concerts have been cancelled since last summer and Spotify announced they would be removing his songs from their official playlists.

Though singer and songwriter R Kelly faced many obstacles, he decided to not let that stop him from doing the thing he loves: music. Recently Kelly released a 19 minute song called “I Admit” where he spilled all the truths to the allegations of his past. He includes how he was sexually abused as a child, the sexual abuse cases, settlements, Spotify, and the infamous hashtag. Many believe the topics disccused in the song are not genuine nor truthful and have many questions regarding the things he did not speak on such as the sexual acts on the tpe and the full story about his alleged marriage with the late Aaliyah when he was 27 and she only 15. No one knows if we will ever get the whole truth but many fans and even friends of the singer have permanently parted ways. The song is 19 minutes full of drama and R Kelly says hes ready to air it all out.

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