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Judah Band’s Great Catch: ‘Gone Fishin’

The Christian/Gospel music collective called Judah Band has come out with a new album. Released on August 17th, 2018, the collection of music titled Gone Fishin. The album features hit songs like "For My Good", "Do It Again" & "Be Alright". The crew has their own tour, “The Soul Rockers Revival” Tour. The album itself has an eclectic upbeat feel good tracklist of 13 songs sure to get you on your feet and ready for worship. Their style isn’t too much of what you’d see in your traditional gospel singers, and the band itself features members from all different backgrounds. The five musicians are upcoming in the industry and soon to take off with their great music instilled in Christ. You can follow the band on Twitter @JudahBandMusic, Instagram @judah_band and follow them on Facebook. The album itself can be found on all major platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play. If you’d like to contact them with booking inquiries you can do so by emailing or calling 404-410-6912.

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