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Mo Love from Monet

Victoria Monet’s new single, “New Love,” has us setting our hearts on a more permanent situation with someone. On August 23rd , singer and songwriter Monet released this new single with a video to follow. The 90’s feel for this R&B song is demonstrated in the various old-style guitars and “the 90’s to present-day” vibe in the video. The chorus, “I just found a new love, ain’t nobody better,” gives us all hope in a feeling that we can only hear in this song. Monet’s video only gives the song a better feeling as she dances in the street with her friends and at a barbecue with her new boo. Her combination of 90’s dance moves, outfits, and audio has us wanting a “New Love” in these new times. To hear “New Love” for yourself and watch the video, just click on the link below.

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