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Marvin Sapp gets Close

Marvin Sapp released his 11th solo album “Close” September 29, 2017. Marvin Sapp first mega hit was “Never Would Have Made It” back in 2007 which stayed the number one song on “Hot Gospel songs” for 46 weeks total. The gospel star was inspired to focus on an album that would help individuals going through hard times and get through them with God by their side.

Marvin Sapp lost his wife of 20 years, his father, and two close friends all to cancer; his pain and grief made him want to encourage others with similar heartache around him. The first song Marvin recorded on his album was “Close”, which he named after a young man sung a personal written song “Close” to Marvin that gave him the album name. The 10 song album was crafted with the help of a few legends such as Kirk Franklin, Erica Campbell, and R-Kelly.

R-Kelly writing and producing the song ”Listen” caused controversy after negative allegations of Kelly released, but Marvin decided to keep the song on the album after deep consideration from the record label. The album “Close” tells a story of hardships that led to triumphs by trusting and believing in God to guide and heal you.

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