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Kanye West Makes America Great Again

Kanye Omari West who is also known as ‘Ye’ was born on June, 8th in 1977. West is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. West is known for a numerous amount of things in the entertainment industry he has put out a lot of great music since he signed with Roc-A-Fella records in the early 2000’s. Kanye has been producing hit singles with other various talented artist in the music industry such as Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Ludacris and so many more! One of my personal favorite songs from Kanye and Alicia keys is the ‘Empire State Of Mind’ song, that song is still a go to! Kanye later decided to pursue a solo career as a rapper and as his first debut album to be released in 2004 called “The College Dropout”. The widespread critical and commercial success of that album created a platform and founded the record label “GOOD music”. Kanye has continued you on to experiment in his music career by trying a variety of different genres, in which has marked his career as ‘dramatic’ because of his many different changes in style. Isn’t Kanye’s Bubbly, Happy, Positive personality contagious? His personality definitely has its own way of standing out but lately fans don’t know how to take Kanye’s new ‘make america great again’ approach. It seems as if he is standing strong behind trump one hundred percent on the new laws and injustices he is bringing forth. As a long time fan of Kanye West how do you take such information? As well as, trying to understand Kanye’s political view on why he agrees with trump on such things that seem to be affecting us as african americans. Kanye posted a photo of himself wearing a ‘make america great again’ hat signed by donald trump all while signaling his support for trump and that is what stirred up fans the most, kanye later stated that he “doesn’t agree with everything trump does” with all the confusion we can’t tell whether kanye is in support of trump or not but fans have not given this topic a rest. During the 44th season premiere of NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ West gave a ‘Pro Trump’ speech while wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat made after the TV broadcast ended. In his speech Kanye stated “There’s so many times I talked to a white person about this and they’re like, ‘How can you like Trump, he’s racist?’ Well, if I was concerned about racism I would have moved out of America a long time ago,” the crowd followed those very words with a number of hand claps and an even amount of ‘boos’. Kanye then says "You’ve got a situation where you need to have a dialogue and not a diatribe...It’s easy to make it seem like it's so, so, so one-sided," in other words, West is saying that we don’t know much of why he supports trump and that we are looking at it on a one sided point of view. I’m guessing he would like us to go below the surface and look at things in a different light, there’s pros and cons to his theory and it isn’t all bad! Kanye later speaks on how he is running for president in 2020, would you vote for Kanye West as our new president of the United States? I think that would yet be another interesting topic to discuss! There’s so much more to come for Kanye in his career as a whole, but a lot of fans say ‘it’s hard being a kanye fan! We love his music but supporting trump is something we can't stand for so, how do we support someone that doesn’t even support his own?” All of this is true, right now, it is hard being a Kanye fan.

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