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The tragic passing of Stan Lee

Stan Lee was an american comic book writer, editor and publisher. He was editor-in-chief of Marvel comics and later in his career as a publisher and chairman, Lee expanded from a small division of a publishing house to a large multimedia corporation. Stan Lee is known for so many great things in the entertainment industry, things seen and unseen. Lee has so many fans across

the globe that love him for the role he plays in the marvel movies, in collaboration with other artist throughout the entertainment industry particularly ‘Jack Kirby’ and ‘Steve Ditko’ Lee co-created fictional characters including spider man, the hulk, Doctor Strange, The Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Black Panther, and X-Man along with his brother Larry Lieber, in which he created the characters for Ant Man, Iron Man, and Thor. Isn't that outstanding? Stan Lee and his brother worked side by side in the same job field and created amazing films that the world today loves. Lee’s influence on the creation of the marvel films made a huge impact in the entertainment industry as a whole, Lee first began his career in an entertainment company which at the time was named ‘timely comics’ in 1939. Over the years of him working there, he was a writer and illustrator. After years of working with the company he desired more in his career field and that is when decided to leave ‘timely comics’ and that's when history took a turn for the best. For many years the business has been dominated by DC the national comics, the creators of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern. In the 50’s, DC began re-imagining the superheroes and In the early 60’s, Lee was asked to come up with a team of superheroes to compete against DC’s Justice League. That was a huge task he was given and he put his all into it! With his notable help of artists such as Jake Kirby and Steve Ditko they both helped instigate the revolution although Lee didn’t see it that way at the time. Lee told CNN in an interview "If my publisher hadn't said 'let's do superhero stories,' I'd probably still be doing various projects such as ‘A kid called outlaw’ or ‘The Two-Gun Kid’. Lee was doing many other projects before being given this new project.

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