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Erica Mena Vs. Bow Wow

A love that some thought would never come to an end! News recently hit the tabloids that reality star Erica Mena’s relationship with Shad Moss, otherwise known as ‘Bow Wow’ has come to an end after a short period of them being together. Although, they hashed out their break up issues on social media, it was still unclear as to what the cause of their breakup actually was. Love and Hip Hop reality star Erica Mena recently came clean as to why the couple’s relationship came to an end so quickly. During the time of the couple being together, Erica opened up about her suffering with a miscarriage earlier this year while carrying her fiance Bow Wow's child, she shared a poem with her followers while talking about her loss. She then got on twitter and shared that she was not ashamed of opening up and that opening up helped her deal with her adversity. Some people were rooting for the couple and only hoping and wishing for great things to come out of the two. While others, were not surprised at their breakup and knew it wouldn't be too long before the couple’s relationship crashed and burned. Mena spoke out about what she endured during their relationship, she stated “he’s an abuser”. Not relating to actual physical abuse, but ‘mind games’ is what she described. Mena also spoke out and said “I’ve been quiet about it because we were engaged, I could have gone public about our breakup a month ago” she said she just wanted to be left alone. But it doesn't end there, there's two sides to every story and Shad Moss has not kept quiet about his version on why the couple is no longer together. Shad Moss stated that Erica was using her miscarriage as a cry for attention from the media. Judging by the mouth full Shad already revealed about Mena, what he posted recently about her didn’t come as a surprise to many. Bow Wow and Erica Mena have been back at it in a war on social media after The Shade Room made a comment to Shade asking “why women want to eat at AppleBee’s instead of Nobu” Erica commented, “can y’all forget I ever dealt with him PLEASE!!” that comment clearly pissed Shad Moss off because things went into a downward spiral from their. Shad took no time in firing back, he went right to social media with a statement responding to Mena “Nope. just like we won't forget them 500 bodies.” Shad said. Mena immediately fired back saying “you mean those 500 bodies you stayed eating between my legs standing up little man, that helped you grow your little whiskers” she replied. Shad then threatens to release the sex tape the couple created while together. Mena fired about and spoke about Shad’s mental health issues and revealing how they use to live in his moms basement! How much further will they go before things are taken to far? I hope this is the end for these two, hopefully, they settle their differences and move on! Only hoping for the best for Shad Moss and Erica Mena moving forward.

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