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Fashion Gawdess of the Week- Rasheeda Frost

Rasheeda is known for being the Boss Chick of the South, but she is also well known for her fashion sense. It’s hard to catch her slipping nowadays, especially when she needs to flaunt her own items. She has a store in Atlanta by the name of pressed that keeps up with the latest trends.

.Mastering fashion is simply knowing what goes with what. This includes patterns, color, and even shapes. Let me just tell you that Rasheeda is the queen of knowing when to add that perfect splash of color. Instead of being boring, and wearing all nude she added a baby blue blazer that adds the perfect amount of flair to her outfit.

We love when our sis switches it up to casual. Although she's just wearing joggers, a sweatshirt, and jean jacket, she wears it well! I completely adore how she added heels to outfit to dress it up.

Rasheeda’s top is multi colored while she paired it with patent leather pants. She let the pants be a subtle touch to the outfit because by her purse and shoes matching the shirt, it a perfect combination.

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