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Celebrities Celebrate Founders Week

What is your favorite D9 organization? Do you know if your favorite actress, artist or entertainer is apart of a D9 organization? I know mine is! As the new year came and crept in on us swiftly, the founders day for some of the divine nine organizations slowly but surely approached and some of our favorite actors and actresses decided to celebrate in their own way. On January 13th, the members of ‘Delta Sigma Theta’ celebrated 100+ years of sisterhood throughout the District of Columbia and other major cities across the country! Delta Sigma Theta isn't the only D9 organization celebrating their founders week this month, (Kappa Alpha Psi), (Phi Beta Sigma), and (Alpha Kappa Alpha) all celebrate their founders day in this month as well! Some of our all time favs in the entertainment industry such as Maya Angelou (Alpha Kappa Alpha), Jada Pickett Smith (Alpha Kappa Alpha), Alicia Keys (Alpha Kappa Alpha), Loretta Devine (Alpha Kappa Alpha), Marvin Sapp (Kappa Alpha Psi), Natalie Cole (Delta Sigma Theta), Wanda Sykes (AKA), Shaquille O’Neal (Omega Psi Phi), Cedric the Entertainer (Kappa Alpha Psi), AJ Calloway (Omega Psi Phi) and so many more were celebrating their and reminiscing on the memories and service they have completed over the years through their chosen organizations. It's safe to say, they know how to have a good time!Some of the most respected entertainers and artist are apart of the D9 organizations and no one knew until now. Founders day is a big thing amongst every D9 organization because it is the day their fraternity or sorority was founded. Fraternities and sororities spend the day celebrating in various ways but one of the very important things they do to celebrate is come together in unity and celebrate the accomplishments and service their sorority and fraternity as brought. As individuals each D9 organization member takes time to reflect on all the great things their chosen organization has brought them and the many things it will bring as they continue their journey. Congratulations to all of the Divine Nine organizations as their Founders week has passed or as it approaches in this new year, we’re looking forward to nothing but more success!

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