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Pacquiao Dominates Broner in a 12 Round Defeat

Last weekend at MGM in Las Vegas, 40 year old Many Pacquiao defeated the 29 year old Adrine Broner in a grueling twelve round match up. The highly anticipated fight was nothing short of entertaining. Both boxers had a lot to prove in their respective careers. Pacquiao was entering the ring for the first time since turning 40 and his first fight on US soil since 2016 and Broner proving that he can pull out a victory against an elite competitor.

Pacquiao ultimately won the match in a grueling twelve round unanimous decision. Pac Man DOMINATED the young buck and schooled him on poise and control. Pacquiao whose primary weapon is strength and aggression proved to be a bit much for Broner to handle. But Broner thought otherwise “I beat him. Everybody out there know I beat him. I controlled that fight. He was missing,. I hit him more times. I beat him” Let’s look at the statistics.

Out the gate, Pac Man was killing Broner with shots to the body and vicious jabs. He had a staggering 70 jabs IN THE FIRST THREE ROUNDS! Now, in the fourth round, Bronner did show a little bit of hope. His lethal left counte rpunch came to fruition in this round. He landed some of his punches of the entire fight this round but still wasn’t consistent. According to CompuBox unofficial statistics, Bronner only connected 50 total punches compared to Pac Man’s 112 which breakdowns to 4.2 per round (112 of 568 to 50 of 568.)

Pac Man thrived in the middle of the right. Handing Broner a deadly left hook to the body in the fifth round, controlled the seventh round and in the ninth round delivered a heavy left hook statright in his face. It was definitely a long night for Broner.

Many critics have noticed Broner’s unwillingness to change his game. He has not been the same since gaining 12 pounds. As a lightweight he dominated but seems to have lost his stride since gaining his “grown man weight.” Also known as The Problem, he was definitely had an interesting persona. It will be interesting to his growth over the years and see if he can humble himself.

As for Pacquiao, he is currently 61-7-2 in his career. In the matchup he seemed to be his old self; aggressive and not letting off the gas. He is in impeccable shape and seems even stronger.

Will Pac Man be able to bring Floyd out of retirement and give the world the rematch we want? Now, after retaining his second WBA Welterweight Championship he told Mayweather, “We’ll fight again if you want.”

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