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Chris Brown is "Undecided" in New Video

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, in 2005 we were introduced to one of the hottest teens in the music world, the future of pop/r&b. At just 16 he had released multiple singles that had the world in a frenzy.

We were introduced to Chris Brown, a dancing and singing machine. It’s no secret he can dance his butt off, sing and has an amazing charm that makes all the ladies love him. In 2005 he put out a visual to “Run It” it was produced by Scott Storch and let me tell you it had all the girls loving Chris Brown!

Like most artist, Chris had a minor setback both professionally and Personally through the years. Regardless of Chris’s circumstances he has always been able to go back to what made us first become fascinated with him. Let’s not forget about “Fine China” and here Chris is again with another single known as “Undecided” that reminds us of that moment.

Just recently Chris Brown put out a visual to his song “Undecided”. The song is a sample of Shanice’s R&B classic “I Love Your Smile”. The video to the track has received much attention, but I must say I’m not surprised considering this video was produced by Scott Storch as well.

The choreography in this video reminds the people of what made us fall in love with Breezy from the jump his amazing moves, and charm. The video has a fun feel to it and displays the unsure feeling of love. He skates across the amusement park where he is pulled into another dimension. When he gets there Serayah (Empire star) is sitting on the bench next to him. He begins to dance with her across the boardwalk as he sings. They have a troupe of dancers that are in sync with their dance moves. Despite the unsure feeling Breezy has about love, the girl in the video makes it hard for Breezy to hold back his feelings.

Check out Chris Brown's Undecided video now

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