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The Mann's Against the World

Our favorite couple has expanded into the world of writing. Famously known for their roles as Mr. Brown and Cora in multiple Tyler Perry productions, David and Tamela Mann have opened us up to a new world… literally.

Their new book, Us Against the World: Our Secrets to Love, Marriage, and Family, gives us front row seats to their life and its adversities. Moreover, the memoir being released November 13th of last year, is to accompany their 10-track album, Us Against the World: The Love Project, which is available now.

The project features solo songs and duets with the 30-year married couple. While remaining comedic and troublesome in their television roles, the book and album is showing us the humor, horror, and hope of the real-life couple. The album is produced by David, Tamela, and their son David Mann Jr. and highlights the highs and lows of the husband and wife’s time together. Listen to the snippets of the songs by clicking on the link below and be on the lookout for their book released this November.

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