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Queen to be Honored!

Are you excited for the Stellars?! I know I am. The 34th Annual Stellar Awards will be tapped March 29th, 2019 at the Orleans Arena, airing April 19th, 2019 on BET. Among the many great artists performing and awards being given; a special tribute to our Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin will also take place.

Ms. Franklin will be presented with the ICON Award for all of her hard work over the years with feature tribute performance by singers Erica Campbell, Kelly Price, and Regina Bell. We lost Aretha last August, but she has not been forgotten. The world has definitely done their part in honoring Ms. Aretha Franklin because I mean.. she deserves it. She paved the way for so many artists and its amazing to see the world celebrating her in such a phenomenal way. Be sure to watch the Stellars April 19th on BET or experience the greatness live March 29th in Las Vegas!

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