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“My First Love” Avant’s New Track, “Not Gone Lose”

Classic veteran R&B artist Avant has dropped a new song entitled “Not Gone Lose.” Known exclusively for the cover duet ballad “My First love” with Keke Wyatt and “Separated”, Avant’s new single "Not Gone Lose" is a representation of artistry and lyricism aging beautifully with time. The Cleveland native has proven that. The track was released in February, serenading all the sad lovers on Valentine’s Day. The song revolves around the message of sustaining love and realization.

It is the theme for relationships that change and grow truthfully. He sings to his lover “But sometimes, it's not all about love, We had to learn that, We were better as friends and beginners. And then it got tough, so tough.” Although he feels the pressure of a love that is old and feeling expired, he maturely admits that through it all, he still wants to be with her. “But if you’re thinkin' about partin' ways these days You gotta be outta your mind.” Avant is not letting his love go in this track. If you’re a lover of love and R&B, "Not Gone Lose" is exactly what you’re looking for.

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