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Angie Stone is coming back Full Circle

Soul singer Angie Stone returns with the familiarity of her powerful soulful vocals releasing her new single, “Dinosaur”. Angie Stones' sweet

Mahogany soul always graces us with smooth singles like “Brotha”, consistently proving that some sounds and songs never get old. In her new track “Dinosaur”,

Stone uses her soulful voice along with elements of electronic hip hop to warn some women to be careful about digging up dirt. She creatively uses the analogy of finding old skeletons in the closet. “You gonna find what you looking for, Keep on digging through the dirt girl, Just leave them bones where they at now, And wash your hands, Only gonna exhaust yourself, She was way before you met.” She insists that in order to move forward in the relationship successfully, she needs to stop digging up his past. After just recently announcing the title, Full Circle, Stones confirmed that the new single is expected to be on her next new upcoming album. The project is expected to be released on June 7th, 2019. This album will be her ninth studio album consisting of 10 tracks, including the lead single “Dinosaur. The album will also include a duet with Jaheim on the song, “Gonna Have to Be You”. Here is the official track list for Angie Stone’s new album, “Full Circle”. 1. 1.“Perfect” 2. “Same Number” 3. “Dinosaur” 4. “Gonna Have to Be You” feat Jaheim 5. “Neverbride” 6. “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That” 7. “Recipe” 8. “Grits” 9. “While We Still Can” 10. “Let Me Know” So, in the meantime, while we wait for more Angie Stone content, check out her new single “Dinosaur” below!

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