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New York Fashion

This past weekend I had the honor of traveling to New York with the Divah Filez. I could not help but notice fashion trends that were common in the busy city. Keep reading to find out what was hot on the streets of New York

Leather jackets have always been in style but in New York they were literally seen on every street. It made me realize that they were truly a staple piece and that I need one ASAP no Rocky! I was able to see all the different ways that people paired them, and it is safe to say that this argument goes with everything.

Black Dr. Martens are another garment that were seen all over the streets. Like the leather jacket they go with everything and can be styled in any and every way. I definitely think that this is a pair of shoes that everyone needs in their closet because you really can't go wrong!

Now were we really in New York if we didn't see Timbs? Of course we say the OG Wheat Timberlands, these bad boys never go out of style!

Supreme was born in New York, so I expected to see it all over which I did. I mainly say Supreme shirts, backpacks, and fanny packs. This makes sense because New Yorkers definitely need something fly to keep their things in while they are on the go.

Bape was also popular as expected because it is a streetwear brand. The main thing that I saw where the camo zip up jackets.

We already know that Yeezy's are popular all over. I saw these shoes everywhere on the airport, on the street, on the subway! From what I heard they are comfortable so a place where you are always on your feet it only makes sense.

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