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Maria is Back with New Song "Care For You"

“Let me love you” artist Mario has returned with a new expressive ballad entitled, “Care For You". The veteran R&B singer is back to making new music as well as touring with B2K's The Millennium Tour. The song sheds light on Mario’s beautiful tenor vocals per usual. However, the video in addition to the song is what makes Mario a true artist. The visuals for the track are centered around the story line of Mario growing up as a young boy, teenager, and presently as a man.

The plot revolves around his relationship with his mother and women. The first flashback occurs when Mario is in the passenger seat of the car with an action figure as his mom drives. They stop abruptly and his mother gets out of the car to make an exchange with a man on the corner, indirectly showing her battle with addiction. The visuals also share the loving moments he had with his mom. One clip showed the two laughing and singing in their living room. The characters playing as Mario all share a symbolism in the video, wearing the same sentimental necklace Mario received from his mom.

As the video comes to a conclusion, the scene shows him as a teenager with a young girl that resembles his mother. This time, the two are breaking up. This symbolized his childhood trauma he endured with his mother, the first woman he loved in his life that left him. Mario has counselling sessions with his younger selves throughout the video as well. Needless to say, this video and song is deep and full of raw honesty, which ultimately makes it so good. "Care For You" is the second single from Mario's fifth studio album. Check out the video below:

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