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Emeli Sande Drops a New Anthem

Emeli Sandé has returned with new song, “Sparrow.” After previously releasing her 2016 LP Long Live the Angels , Emeli has collaborated on 2017's "Higher"with rapper Giggs, 'Survive' with Don Diablo and Gucci Mane, and Naughty's song "Bungee Jumping’. The Scottish soul singer granted the industry just what the world needed to hear, releasing a new anthem embodying self-love and unity. The track has a powerful gospel feel and background as Sande serenades us with her smooth and soulful vocal performance. The song is mixed equally with a smooth and pretty blend of piano, chimes, but then switches into a powerful drum set/church feel. “Sparrow” is written and produced by Emeli.

She explained, "Sparrow is a song to bring hope in all its forms, a song to lift us out of the darkness, and let us soar….It's hard to find poetry in the world anymore, I miss the romance and I just want to breathe some love into humanity". The track is undeniably uplifting, addressing self-love using a Sparrow as a metaphor. She sings, "We got magic in our bones just like the stars, we're gonna shine bright and are golden. With the heart of a sparrow tell me what arrow could ever bring you down?" Emeli Sandé’s sound is exactly what the world needs to hear at this very moment. Check out the track and video below:

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