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Nipsey Hussles Death & The Conspiracy Theory Behind it

Last Sunday, the 33-year-old Grammy-nominated rapper Ermias Asghedom, otherwise known as Nipsey Hussle, was shot dead in front of one of his Los Angeles clothing stores. The world was very devastated and to find out this tragedy and being that this man was very active in his community. Although many did not know that he was giving back in the public eye but behind in his own community he was Superman to them. He was speaking knowledge to the children all over and to those who were lost. The lost of this young man inspired millions all over the world. To see that this man changed the game by uniting gangs to come together is really a big impact. A Lot of celebs showed him and his fiance’ Lauren London love and respect with sympathy and condolences.

More than a rapper, Nipsey established himself as a community fixture in his native South L.A., where he accrued local esteem by performing charitable acts both strategic like opening a coworking space and STEM center and full of heart such as paying for funerals and giving out shoes to children.

Musings on the theory, which were shockingly abundant, hinged on the idea that the government executed Nipsey to silence his upcoming documentary on Dr. Sebi, a Honduran herbalist named Alfredo Bowman who was acquitted of criminal charges in the 1980s for practicing medicine without a license in New York. According to the whisperers, the documentary would purportedly reveal that the cure for HIV/AIDS was kept from society by the powers that be. When Nick Cannon announced that he would finish Nipsey's work, posting photos of Dr. Sebi with notes about Nipsey, it sent the whisperers into a tizzy to “protect” him from Big Pharma, too.

In reality, Dr. Sebi was about as much of a doctor as Dr. Pepper. He claimed he cured patients of HIV/AIDS with an alkaline diet, which he said could regulate the body's pH or acidity levels food intake can't change the body's blood acidity levels—and was arrested for money laundering several times in 2016. The idea that the government murdered a hip-hop artist to cover up an herbalist documentary is assuredly untrue. But there’s something to the anxieties driving it.

In reality, it stands as if some things that have not yet been established and not talked about in the world because of the government and its very sading that the government would do such a thing just to keep money from rather saving the peoples lives but in honor of Nip it is a gratitude to have had someone like him to stand for what is right and bring knowledge to the world the best way he knew how while he was still here.

Rest In Peace King Nipsey.


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