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Nipsey Hussle's Funeral: Gone In Spirit But Never In Our Hearts

The hip hop community and others were all paid their respects during the funeral of the respected rapper Nipsey Hussle on thursday, April 11th. Though a funeral is a sad occasion, Nipsey’s funeral consisted of encouraging words from famous musicians and family with also songs sung by many famous artist. Though Nipsey Hussle is deceased, thousands of people celebrated the legacy he left, and the fact that though he’s gone in body, his legacy will still continue.

On March 31st, Nipsey Hussle was shot multiple times in front of his clothing store in Los Angeles, California; he was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately died due to the extent of his injuries. His death came as to a shock to what seemed like everybody. Artist and famous celebrities such as Teyanna Tayor, Rhianna, Drake, Kevin Hart, Lala Anthony, and made post on there social media accounts showing there respect for the rapper. Social media also made their respects to Lauren London, long time girlfriend (and rumored wife) of the rapper. London and Hussle were dating since December of 2013, and in 2016 brought a kid into the world who’s name is Kross.

Thousands of fan of the rapper were crowded outside of the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, California which is where the funeral was being held. Fan could be seen with t-shirts with Hussle’s face plastered on the front, clothing from his store where he was killed, or royal blue, with what social media is now calling it: “Crenshaw Blue”.

The funeral was aired live on TV, giving everyone the opportunity to be apart of his homegoing. Artist, friends, and family of the Grammy Award Nominee rapper spoke on his life and his good works to the community in which he grew up. Stevie Wonder gave a spill about gun violence. Wonder went on to saying how it’s sad that we don’t have enough people making a stand against gun laws, he then sung his song Tears in Heaven. Snoop Dog also made comments about the activist; he recalled to when he first met Hussle and how Nipsey went up to him saying “Just give it to listen”. Snoop Dog said how usually artist come up to him asking for money, but Nipsey didn’t he genuinely just wanted Snoop Dog’s opinion on his music. “Peace advocate” and “kind spirit” are the words that he used to describe Hussle.

Hussle’s family then proceeded to make remarks about him. His mother, Angelique Smith, and father, Dawit Asghedom, came to the stage and talked about his child life. His mother talked about how he loved amusement park rides at a young age and when he became up of age he enjoyed giving back and riding through the streets of where he was raised. His brother, Samuel Asghedom recalled his brother’s intelligence; he recalled a memory of Hussle building a computer with spare parts and taught himself to make music on it. “You made the world proud” he stated about his brother. His girlfriend, but rumored wife, Lauren London, made her comments about her love; how she’s glad for the time she had with him and how of amazing he is as a father. “I am honored and blessed that I got to experience such a man.” she stated, “My heart hears you. I feel you everywhere. I’m so grateful I had you, and until we meet again; the marathon continues.”

Barack Obama also made his remarks about the rapper. In the letter, Obama made note that he never met Nipsey Hussle in person but he knows about the rapper from his daughters listening to his music. He also noted how he admired Nipsey’s constant efforts to lift the community of Los Angeles. “His choice to invest in that community rather than ignore it — to build a skills training center and a cowering space in Crenshaw; to lift up the Eritrean-American community; to set an example for young people to follow — is a legacy worthy of celebration.”

Thought Nipsey’s body is in the grown, his legacy still walks and makes itself known everyday. Nipsey was born with the name “Ermias Joseph Asghedom”; he was 33 years old.

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