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Chris Brown gets "Back to Love"

Just when the world thinks Chris Brown has reached his peak, he pops back in to remind us he’s still got his talent on lock. He proves it in his new track and video for “Back to Love”. “Back To Love” is symbolically filmed in the worlds love land Paris, France. Using the country and its magical attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Brown opens up singing vulnerably about getting back to love with a woman he’s lost. Posing the question in the chorus,

“Can we get back to love?”, Brown lyrically admits to his ex-lover: “I know I lost it, now I wanna get it back You know I wanna get it back There's a light on the path And now I found it, here with you is where it's at Now I'm never looking back No, I'm never going back.” As far as the visuals, Breezy definitely out does himself with the production. With the quality like a film, the video takes place in France as he’s being bombarded by interviewers and fans stepping out of his brownstone into his car. He takes it a step further by showing off a little bit of his French skills, asking the driver to take him to the river. From there, Breezy does what he does best. The majority of the visuals include jump cuts from Chris Brown dancing and singing to clips of different diverse cultural youth dance groups. Of course, with his exclusive love life, fans are trying to piece to details together to figure out who he is trying to win back but ultimately, the general theme in my opinion is just about love as an energy, its wholeness and restoring it. Check out the visuals for “Back To Love” below!.

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