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Elle Varner’s latest track “Kinda Love”

Elle Varner is back with a new single from her unentitled and unreleased album, “Kinda Love”. The album will be a follow up to her 2012’s Perfectly Imperfect which included popular single “Refill”. It is expected to be released this Summer. After already dropping single “Pour Me” earlier this year, Varner has teased fans with yet another song. In the track “Kinda Love” she expresses herself as a woman who is deserving, knowing her worth and declining unrequited selfish love. She sings in the first verse, “I don't wanna be your homie. I don't wanna be the chick you call 3 in the morning. Late night creep, I’m sleep, you’re drunk and horny. Wasting my time when you ain’t got nothing for me. You ain’t got nothing for me."

In the melody and chorus, she repeats, “don’t want that kinda love” as a mantra and statement. Her raspy voice is still soft and pretty, accompanied by claps and harmonic background vocals. The song provides a rhythmical groove, similar to a dance hall beat. Its combined sweetly with Varners vocals along with gentle string sounds and soft piano chords. With all the new music dropping, this summer sounds to be for sure filled with bangers. So, stay tuned for more music from Elle Varner and check out “Kinda Love” below!

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