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'Little' Movie Review

*inserts clapping emojis*; once again, another outstanding film directed by one of us, a black female, has made a huge hit in movie theatres! That movie being Little, which hit theatres back on April 12th, 2019. Little stars Regina Hall, Issa Rae, and Marsai Martin. Tina Gordon was the director and co-producer of the film; also co-producer, Marsai Martin. Yes. Marsai Martin, the 14-year-old Black-ish actress co-produced Little. She is now the youngest person to ever hold this title on a Hollywood production. #BlackGirlsRock!

Little starts off with introducing you to Jordan Sanders, a successful black woman running her own tech company. Sanders, being bullied when she was younger, has turned into a bully. She treated her co-workers just as she was treated at a young age. A child named Stevie wishes that Jordan would be a kid again; and his wish comes true! Jordan turns 13 again, and has to travel back to the school where she was bullied; and since she’s too young to run her company, she gets her assistant. April Williams, to manage everything.

Jordan gets bullied once again at her old school, but she finds 3 friends: Issac, Raina, and Devon. Though it seems like things are going up for Jordan after finding friends, things at her job aren’t. April is unable to get the attention of her co-workers because all there use to is Jordan’s evilness. Along with that, the company’s biggest client, Conner, wants to hear a great pitch or he’s going to take his business elsewhere. This results into Jordan and April getting into a huge fight, which makes April quit.

Jordan after firing April realizes that she’s turned into that mean and evil person that bullied her at a young age. She helps her friends perform at a pep rally at school. April helps Jordan find Stevie, the boy that wished Jordan to be 13. Though they find him, confronting him doesn’t turn Jordan back to her real age. Jordan see’s that being a friendly and nice person is the proper way to be; she apologizes to April and supports her pitch idea for Conner. It isn’t until she realizes this that she turns back to her regular age, and turns into a much “happier” and caring boss at work.

Little was a spin off the movie Big, and promotes the importance of NOT being a bully and how you should always, no matter at what age, treat others the way you wish to be treated.

If you haven't yet seen the movie, here's a sneak peek:

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