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Being LadyLike is an Honor

Being in a room of successful people is like being on a cloud. Witnessing the genius of a strong Black Woman is a driving force for success like no other. While many young girls are looking up to celebrities and high-profile individuals, they often forget about the other move makers who are impacting the community in major ways. Leah Cher Pump is a mover and a shaker, for 11 years she has been leading the way for young ladies to advance towards their dreams and live them out unapologetically. She says; “Every girl should whoever she wants to be and be the best that she can at it. If she wants to act or sing or become a doctor healing people. Nobody should have the power to stop her, we should embrace her and help her get there.” Since 2007 she has been doing just that and has charged high influencers to follow her lead and join her.

In the affluent area on Beverly Hills, in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, LadyLike Foundation turned it out with a lavish luncheon and fashion show; “Women of Excellence Luncheon”, held at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel. The event was hosted by Vanessa Bell Calloway, star of “Saints and Sinners”, on Bounce Tv. This year’s honoree’s included; A Wrinkle In Time actress; Storm Reid, The Marjorie and Steve Harvey Foundation; Marjorie Harvey; , American Idol Winner; Jordin Sparks, and Carrie Odell. Each honoree has been serving the community in difference aspects from education, philanthropy to mentorship. Actress Storm Reid says; “Being myself and trying to uplift other women and not trying to tear other women down is what I’m all about. This foundation is about uplifting the woman next to you, no matter how old she is or where she is from. I appreciate having other women to help guide me into my womanhood and hold my hand. Leah has created an amazing foundation for other to pour into and others to receive from.”

The luncheon brought out the best of the best stars in their fabulous fashions. Actress and fashionista Vanessa Simmons was dawned in a House of CBD pink pant suit with feathers and a sleek Bob. Daughters of Hip-Hop Moguls Diddy and The Game; Jessie, D’Lila, Chance Combs and Cali Taylor rocked White and Pink gowns donated by Macy’s and worked the runway in a fashion show. We caught up with “Living By Design” Host and Chef Jazz Smollett-Warwell who has also been dedicating a lot of her platform to pushing other stars to donate to Bennett College in Greensboro, NC. Bennett College recently endured a financial hardship and was on the verge of closing its doors. Star such as Jazz and her family (Jussie and Jake Smollett) used their Stardom to advocate for the HBCU in their time of need; “ I’m so proud of Bennett College and what they have been able to do, what they have been able to accomplish with the donations that they have raised, to be able to keep there doors open. It’s such a historical college, one of two all women HBCU colleges, so its really thrilling that they are able to remain open to continue educating phenomenal women.”

LadyLike Foundation holds education close as each year they award high school seniors with scholarships ranging from $1,500-$5,000. This year 11 young ladies took home scholarships, and each will be attending college in the Fall. Each of the awardee’s had a GPA ranging from 3.5-4.8. One lucky young lady Aramoni Shanelle Gumbs with a 3.7 GPA received the best blessing ever. As she took to the stage to express her gratitude to the LadyLike Foundation for her scholarship, she shared her life story and gave everyone in the audience a piece of extra strength and tears. Even though this young lady had a lot of trails to overcome, she overcame each one and because of her story “Women of Excellence” Honoree Marjorie Harvey to not only offer her a ride back home personally but along with her husband offer to pay for Aramoni’s education in full. Harvey said; “This is what it’s all about. Paying it forward and making sure that no one gets left behind. It would be my pleasure for myself and my husband to pay for your 2nd year, 3rd year or how many years we need to, until you complete school.”

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