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Tyler, the Creator’s IGOR has officially topped the Billboard 200 albums chart.

According to New York Times and Forbes, IGOR is Tyler, the Creator’s first No. 1 album. IGOR is Tyler’s 6th studio album, after releasing Flower Boy in 2017. Tyler tweeted in celebration, “IGOR, NUMBER UNO, STANK YOU.” The album IGOR is written, arranged, and produced by Tyler. The album is raw, honest, and a fresh and emotional new sound from Tyler, the Creator. Its boastful beginning, IGOR’s Theme, sets the tone for the sound of the album with a long electric sound leading into an abrupt drum set groove. The vocal talent on most of the tracks are authentic, untampered with, and even purposely off key sometimes. The amount of creativeness that compiled this album is so abstract and artsy. In IGOR, Tyler reveals a different and more “emotionally charged” side of him.

Uniquely, most of the tracks on the album don’t have a buildup or climax, beginning loudly and powerfully as is. The sincerity that Tyler expresses in IGOR radiates the genuine softness and love he has in his soul for a lover after a hard breakup. After revealing the status of his sexuality last year, Tyler’s is confidently and exclusively being true to himself when it comes to love. He has fallen in love with a man and suffered a massive human heartbreak after parting ways. He is honest and regretful for the mistakes made in the relationship and yearns for peace and friendship. He sings on “GONE, GONE / THANK YOU, “You’re my favorite garçon, I hope you know she can’t compete with me,” After all the sentiments and sorrows, he says, “Thank you for the love. Thank you for the joy.” IGOR is an acquired taste for those with good ears. Nonetheless, Tyler, the Creator once again proves his musicianship and artistry to the world. IGOR is now available on all streaming platforms!

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