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Montell Jordan returns with new song, “When I'm Around You"

R&B veteran Montell Jordan is back from a long-awaited hiatus with his new track, “When I'm Around You". Montell never fails to keep the party going with his smooth R&B vocals and sound that blends beautifully with a 90s feel hip-hop beat. The song gushes over sentiments Jordan feels for his wife, Kristin Jordan, who is seen on the cover art for the track. The song is a sweet reminder and proclamation of how much Jordan is infatuated and still so in love with his wife. In the chorus he sings, “When I'm around you I be stumbling over my feet, yeah When I'm around you My heart just skips a beat, yeah” Romance is not dead when Montell Jordan is involved, delivering yet another summer jam. He innocently admits, “I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to talk to you and say I be getting funny feelings, girl Even though we're together, I still lose my cool and then my words get in the way.” Jordan’s ability to blend romance and classic hip-hop together creates an everlasting refreshing familiar sound. The legendary "This Is How We Do It" singer sets an example of how it’s done with style. Check out Montell Jordan’s new track below.

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