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Election 2020: Who’s Actually Ten Toes Down?

A clear look on the candidates and their support in Black Culture

Though 2019 has just begun, it is not too soon to begin thinking of possible presidential candidates for the 2020 election. For the first time ever, Democrats are majority of the presidential candidates in American history as they trump the Republican candidates twenty-two to two. There are a couple faces with melanin, however, the ones who look like us are not always the ones who have the best intentions for us. Let’s take a deeper look at the candidates.

In every election it is prevalent that candidates must go out of their way to please the Black community through outreach and community involvement, but who is actually taking in all that Black Culture is and how is it being incorporated in their motives as they run for office?

When describing Black Culture, the word “lifestyle” tends to appear along the way. Lifestyle is definitely a general foundation and overall summary of what Black Culture is. Yes, it is related to our music and how we communicate, but it is more importantly connected to community, resources and opportunity. Temporary fixes can only patch a leaking hole for so long. Black Americans are looking to see who will plan and execute concrete plans. The same “American Dream” that is sold to the white folk is what needs to be pitched and promised to Black people as well. This means fixing a lot of systemic issues and even though these issues are stunting the growth of many, Black people cannot ignore issues like climate control just because it isn’t helping them raise low wages.


Education is one of the most important topics that needs to be included in a reform. Education is what is going to shape and mold America’s future generations. Steve Bullock of Montana is pushing for early childhood education. This is a necessary investment in the future generations to come. Marianne Williamson also has a plan for $10 billion to distributed annually for education projects.

Economic Inequality & Resources

Economic issues range from wages, to student debt, wealth gaps, support for Black owned businesses, affordable housing, and equal opportunity among other important topics. Former vice president Joe Biden has strengthening economic protections for low-income workers in industries like fast food. Being that a lot of Black people are restricted by the lack of generational wealth and unequal opportunity, it is not rare that they work at these low-income jobs. Steve Bullock also has plans of reducing economic inequality. Democrat Pete Buttigieg, the youngest candidate, believes he understands the upcoming generations and sees where they will end up if he doesn’t change the economic opportunity. Wayne Messam, one of the few Black candidates, has proposed to cancel over $1.5 trillion in student debt owed by at least 44 million Americans. Democrat Andrew Yang is all for taking on economic inequality as he understands the importance of income. He plans to establish a basic income of at least $1,000 per month for all Americans. Though this number may seem low and achievable, it isn’t for all Americans.

Climate Change

Some Black Americans tend to focus on issues, like the ones mentioned above, as those are realistically stunting the growth of success in the Black community with unequal opportunity and lack of resources. This all is true, but climate control needs to be taken just as serious as these systematic differences. Pete Buttigieg plans on attacking both climate change and economic opportunities. Jay Insee has is one of the most focused and forceful climate advocates as he has made it his main priority as governor and for this upcoming campaign. Uniquely, believes that he will be able to create renewable energy jobs which will not only help the economy, but will also help better the earth’s current conditions. Current United States President, Donald Trump, also plans to keep climate change on his agenda for this upcoming election.

Americans will have a deeper understanding of what each candidates' intentions are regarding Black Culture as the election gets closer. When it comes time to truly engage with and try to win over Black communities, not just Southern states, is when all will get a clear idea of who really has Black people’s best interest at heart. A couple interactions with Black communities is not what Black people are relying on to persuade them to vote for a specific candidate anymore. It has now come down to how persistent they are with their agenda as well as how they’re combating issues in the Black community. This will ultimately expose which candidates are truly ten toes down.

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