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Hottie Hair for Feminism

Texas hottie Megan Thee Stallion consistently serves us LOOKS filled with country charm. Daisy dukes, cowboy hats, and chaps are a few of this rappers go to pieces. Besides her eclectic sense of fashion, you can always catch her wearing a colorful hairdo. While most stars rock the colorful hair to stay on trend, Megan Thee Stallion does it as an ode to a hobby of hers: watching anime. The beans were first spilled when she made on post on Instagram with half blonde half red hair, captioned “Todoroki Tina” , which paid homage to anime character Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Academia. This post stirred up a controversial debate that a beautiful black woman, such as herself, was not allowed to entertain anime. Megan responded to the backlash, arguing that black women, no matter how attractive they may be, are allowed to be interested in whatever they choose. Her hair makes the statement that black women should not continue to be bound by society’s standards, and women should choose who they are and what they like. Let’s take a look at Megan Thee Stallion’s best hair styles and colors, that are fighting for women everywhere.

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