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Trina is The One, The Baddest Bitch is Back with New Music

Just as soon as we thought the hot girl summer was postponed Trina, better known as Da Baddest B***h, is debuting her sixth studio album! The Miami mami has been dropping gems since the 90’s, dominating the male driven rap industry. Her music liberates all women’s inner pimp. Since the early 2000’s Trina has proven to be a versatile artist; from hits like "69 Ways" showing off her bossy inner freak to slower ballads like "I Gota Thang for You", exposing her vulnerability. Trina’s latest album is a representation of her growth and maturity, entitled The One meaning she’s the one not to play with, discredit, or underestimate! Trina’s music career has spanned over two decades making this sixth studio album monumentous. She told The Huffington post, “The album is just fun, truth, growth, maturity; beyond the “Na’an & Baddest Bitch phase.” Over twenty years in the game, this album is sure to tell a few stories.

Where it All Started Her debut album was a direct response to the heavily saturated male rap industry; exposing a side of female rap that was so raunchy yet equally yoked to her male counterparts. Trina is best known for her raw nature and sexual lyrics. First getting noticed by her feature on Trick Daddy’s Nann Ni**a. That was the diamond princess’s first big break. Her southern vibe brought a different perspective to the female rap game. There were no others like her coming out of Miami at the time. Foxy Brown and Lil Kim had New York tied up and Atlanta’s airways were flooded by Rasheeda or Diamond and Princess from Atlanta’s beloved Crime Mob. But no worries, at the age of 19 Trina would change her life forever. Being her most genuine self and holding her own amongst her male constituents propelled her far into the game with the rest of the female rappers. As much as we would love to believe Miami is only Collins Avenue and sunny shores, we would be naive to not think otherwise. Dade County, Miami is what gave Trina her raw flow and she does not hesitate to tell us in her music. Her city specifically is known as Liberty City, (featured in the box office film Moonlight or even on Netflix’s series Warriors of Liberty City) is best known as the most dangerous city in America. But without these experiences our Diamond Princess would not be who we know and love. Her music tells her story and oozes Liberty City un-apologetically. Not only does her music tell stories, it also teaches lessons. Over the years women have been subjected to fitting into a social norm. “Not too raunchy, but sexy, Not outspoken but opinionated...” the list goes on. Trina has never fit that mold, nor has she tried to! She knows what lane she rides in and dominates it well. Either your going to ride her wave or drown trying but she refuses to compromise herself to please anyone. Through her lyrics, it is apparent she gives no attention to the opinions of others. For decades men have objectified women and boasted about their sexuality so Trina took it upon herself to be the one to do it and do it better. Her lyrics in "Nasty B***h" portray a true modern day feminist! A woman who is proud of her sexuality and knows her worth; all while boasting her body positively! She loves her body so much she even went to the lengths of getting her ass insured. As of recently she has teamed up with another one of hip hops voluptuous rappers. The Baddest and the Barbie, Nicki Minaj, collabed to create the albums single "BAPS".

The track is fun and reminiscent of Trina’s The Baddest Bitch era as she calls out her exes in the beginning of the song. We all know Nicki wastes no time in her verse to project her pimp status as she puts all her side pieces on roll call! While the album is nothing short of Diamond Princess vibes, many of the other tracks emulate her growth as a woman and an artist! The track "Mama" featuring Kelly Price pays homage to her mother and all that she has done for her. Other tracks like "Situation" featuring her ex Lil Wayne proves her feminist strength, voicing her high self-esteem and strong sense of sexuality. “I ain’t never been number two f***ing with a n***a", She claims. While Lil Wayne states in his verse “And Trina yo body isn’t like anybodys, when that was my body I bodied that body, you can still get bodied.” If this doesn’t speak to growth I don’t know what does! A track with your ex where the both of you are being truthful and vulnerable! This is truly The One! I must say Trina has really outdone herself with her sixth studio album! The project has a song for every type of Trina fan, scattered with emotion, raunchy sexual lyrics, and an undeniable 305 vibe it is just what we needed to save the hot girl summer!

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