Rapper Lil Nas x Comes Out "The Closet" During Pride Month

The Old Town Road rapper, Lil Naz decides to reveal to the world that he is in fact….Gay! One can say that it sucks knowing this delicious piece of chocolate is off the market for woman (me, I’m one of those hurt females).

The news hit Twitter on June 30th, which in fact is the last day of Pride Month. June, also known as Pride Month, is a month dedicated to recognizing the impact LGBTQ has had on this world. Hip Hop Artist such as Teyanna Taylor, Nicki Minja, Iggy Azelea, Lady Gaga and more have performed and joined in on several of the rallies going on throughout the world celebrating people of the gay community. Lil Naz just ended Pride Month on a good note, by finally letting the world know an hidden/but “no so hidden” part of his life.

“some of y’all already know, some of y’all don’t care, some of y’all not gone fwm no more. but before this month ends i want y’all to listen closely to c7osure” Lil Naz tweeted followed by a colorful rainbow and a smiley face emoji. The rapper was implying that in his new EP “C7osure” it was lyrics making it quite obvious that he was gay. His EP “C7osure” came in as No.2 on the Billboard 200; but appearly the lyrics weren’t clear as day for the world to know of his lifestyle. Nas then posted a picture of the cover art for “C7osure” on Twitter and captioned it with: “deada** thought I made it obvious”. The cover art consisted of him riding on a horse riding to a rainbow colored city.

Since coming out everyone has been nothing but supportive for the 20 year old upcoming super star; some “very” supportive. Love and Hip Hop Miami reality star, Bobby Lytes, posted a picture of the rapper on Instagram, July 1st, and made him his #MaleCrushMonday and added the comment: “...somebody tell Lil NazX I’m tryna riiiiide till I can’t no more!”. Old Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reality star, Zell Swag, made the comment under the photo, “Now you know that’s all me sis”.

So yeah, Lil Naz is receiving a lot of love, and hopefully that other BLACK men and people of the black community will see the courage he had and see how important it is for our black men to be who they are and not to be ashamed of the person they are.

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