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Amber Mark’s new single “What if?”

New York singer, song writer Amber Mark gives us a new hit on love and relationships. With a mix of alternative/indie and a pinch of R&B, she delivers a sound that is completely her own.The young singer has just released her new single titled “What if?”. With the softness of her voice matched with sparkling imagery, Mark explores the possible repercussions faced if she had not endured a heartbreak. A heartbreak that in turn prepared, and lead her down a path to her one true love. She writes: What if, what if i never felt heartbreak at all? What if, what if, never knew what it felt like to fall? What if, what what if, tell me how would i know if its love? If its love? As I attempt to stage a new love affair A destined romance Tell me, baby, what are the chances.

This song is a love letter to those who are dealing or have dealt with the pain that comes with a heart break. I took it as a personal inspiration to keep fighting through the emotional pain because it is only temporary. It’s a reminder that the hardships of your current situation is only preparation for the best that is yet to come. It’s definitely a track i’d have on repeat during some much needed soul searching “me time”. Its pleasing to the ears and easy on the heart. Both beautiful and relatable. Check out Amber Mark’s sweet new single “What if?”.

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