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Tokoyo Vanity Gets In Dispute With Chris Brown About His "No 'Blackies' Allowed" I

A little over two weeks again, Chris Brown released an album titled “Indigo” that consisted of thirty-two songs. At first, fans were excited over Breezy’s generosity, but emotions took a shift after a screenshot was posted of the lyrics from “Need A Stack.” The song includes a line that says “only wanna f*ck black b***hes with nice hair.” Many saw the line as demeaning comment to black women and the Afrocentric feature of kinky hair. Additionally, Breezy was accused of being colorist and only liking light skin women, since the stereotype is these women have “nice hair.”

Once the controversary was posted on TheShadeRoom, rapper and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member, Tokyo Vanity commented regarding how she felt. She claimed that he wasn’t really attracted to black women like he portrayed. This one act drove a clapback session between Breezy and Tokyo. At one point, Breezy even posted a screenshot of his song “Brown Girl” on Apple Music and a photo of Tokyo on his IG story.

In response, Tokyo made a video to address his comment, feeling that this was a jab to her. She spoke on her experience with him, while she was out with a group of friends in the club. Apparently, Breezy is known for not letting dark-skinned women into his VIP section. Tokyo stated that he even denied one of his friends because of her complexion, after granting her lighter friend access. These allegations haven’t been confirmed, but Breezy ended up responding with a picture of him in the club with a dark-skinned woman.

Fans continued to state their positions on the matter and other celebrities started to come to Breezy’s defense. The singer’s mother and mother of his child, Nia Guzman, both came to his defense. Additionally, Lil Duval took his opinion to Twitter and Instagram, which received some praise from T.I.

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