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Damez Disaster

This upcoming artist is breaking major barriers for the LGBT community! Damez, originally from Jackson Mississippi, but repping the A has recently dropped a new single “Disaster!”

What makes Damez such a unique artist is his versatility! Growing up in East Atlanta he is very competent when it comes to the streets and it is reflected in his music. Yet on the same token being apart of the LGBT community allows him to tap into his unconventional side. He will spill your tea and draw down on you all at the same time.

Being an openly gay rap artist surely has its struggles but Damez has always overcome the things thrown his way. Despite his parents divorce and the murder of his older brother Ryan, he not only overcame suicide on multiple attempts but also graduated college at Georgia Southern University!

His music reflects his life story. In an interview with VoyageAtl, he told them:

My music is mainly hip-hop & R&B, but I also incorporate elements of other genres in my music, such as pop, gospel, alternative, etc. My music isn’t just one thing or one sound, and I take a lot of pride in my versatility as an artist. You can’t just listen to one song, or two, and think you have me figured out, and I love that my music is a direct reflection and translation of my complexities as a human being. Aside from the bops and the braggadocio, I also talk about love and relationships, social issues such as racism/homophobia/police brutality, and personal life issues. I believe there is something for everyone in my catalog.

And this certainly holds true. His new single "Disaster" is a fast tempo’d Hip-Hop beat with crazy bars. He is pushing his way through the music industry and is unapologetic about it. He has dropped two independently produced by himself. One in 2017 named The Art of Extravagance followed by Boy Meets World in 2018. The 25 -year-old is certainly in his bag with this one! We wait with baited breath for new music from Damez! Hear it here first and check out his new single!

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