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Brooke Valentine leaves LHHH

No More Brookeee! Brooke Valentine and her now husband Marcus Black will NOT be returning to Love and Hip Hop:Hollywood. Brooke joined the fourth season of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, after being rumored to have been on the cast since season 1. Valentine and Black just recently welcomed home their gorgeous baby girl Chi Summer Black. Valentine took to Instagram on July 12th to inform her fans that it was best for her to take a break and not return to for season 6 but she’ll be tuning in to show her support. Although Valentine or Black didn’t express their exact reasons for exiting the show, we can only assume it’s for the betterment of their new lives. Personally, I’ve always LOVED Brooke and I feel the show made her partake in messy acts. Her and Marcus relationship turned out great in the end from the marriage to the new carriage lol but no seriously I think it’s best that they’ve taken time off from filming. Let’s see how this next season pans out being that the most of the cast isn’t returning; that means more new faces which also means more new drama!

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